NSW COVID support for businesses and households

NSW COVID support for businesses and households

Service NSW have rolled out several key types of assistance designed to help businesses and households impacted by COVID-19 and recent lockdowns.

There's a lot of detail in these assistance packages but we encourage you to settle in with a cuppa, a beer or a glass of wine to assess whether you might be eligible. It's an isolation activity that may make a considerable difference to you in coming months.

Business Assistance

Services NSW is working with federal, state, local government and the private sector to bring together all the support and services available to assist small business. These support measures could potentially apply to any business that has experienced a reduction in turnover from 26 June 2021 due to the public health order. Your business may be eligible to receive one of these support packages even if you don't have employees.

Further information on the Service NSW assistance packages, eligibility and requirements are below. https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/covid-19-help-businesses

Household Assistance

Similarly, there is assistance available to households and individuals that have been unable to work, lost income or lost jobs as a result of the lockdowns or public health orders. However, some of these grants cannot be claimed in addition to business grants for sole traders.

Further information on the Federal and NSW State government packages for individuals, eligibility and requirements are below. https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/financial-support-individuals-and-households

We would encourage you to contact us as soon as possible, if you would like our assistance, or self-assess your eligibility and apply.

Application Process

Please note, you are able to make these applications for assistance yourself using your Services NSW login. If you do need assistance, as a registered tax agent, Forsyths is able complete the application on your behalf after meeting specific authorisation requirements at an additional cost. In some cases Forsyths will be required to play a role by way of preparing the required 2021 COVID-19 accountant letter, verifying the details of your downturn as part of the application process.

Our Fee Schedule

In the interest of transparency, click here for our fee schedule should you require our assistance to assess your eligibility and to prepare the 2021 COVID-19 accountant letter.

Please feel you can call or email your contact at Forsyths if you have any questions or concerns.
Stay safe and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Your Forsyths Team.