Lara Gill

Principal - Financial Services

Lara has been working in Financial Services since 2006. Lara's knowledge and experience within the financial services industry has been vast and extensive. While working full-time over this period, Lara continued to increase knowledge to achieve her Master's in Financial Planning (MFP) in 2021.

Lara's impressive level of technical know-how allows her to meet and exceed our clients expectations, no matter how complex their situation. Her experience includes superannuation, insurance, investment, and retirement planning. She is also an SMSF Association SMSF Specialist Advisor™; she has also completed her accreditation as an Accredited Aged Care Professional™.

While strategy focused on achieving the best outcomes for her clients beyond her professional life, Lara's love for coffee, dachshunds, and travel defines her true passions. These three elements bring joy, excitement and fulfillment to her life, reminding her to savour the simple pleasures and embrace the world's wonders.

Representative (number 1237858)

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