Geography is no barrier to career success.

In the realm of regional communities, geography plays no barrier to the remarkable success stories that unfold in Coonabarabran, shedding light on the potential for professional growth and career development.

Di Darcy’s professional journey is an example of the career opportunities that exist in small regional communities. Starting as an administrative staff member and progressing to the position of manager, Di’s experience serves as an inspiring example of how individuals can flourish with access to excellent training opportunities.

Di embarked on her career at Forsyths in December 1993, initially joining the team in an administrative role. Her commitment and passion for accounting were quickly recognised, leading to an invitation to explore the field further. Embracing the opportunity, Di transitioned to a full-time role as a Bookkeeper in April 1994. Balancing her educational pursuits, including a Bachelor’s degree in business accounting, and Vocational Education and Training over a seven year period, combined with her responsibilities as a fulltime working parent, Di's determination paid off as she successfully achieved her CPA qualification.

"I have always loved my job," says Di, reflecting on her Forsyths journey. "My clients are like family, and it has been a joy to watch them grow and change over the years. My role has evolved over this time, and I have enjoyed the leadership training and growth into a managerial position. I am eagerly looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead."

Recognising Di's dedication and leadership qualities, Andrew Freebairn, business owner at Forsyths, proudly states, "Our most important task as business owners is to create future leaders, and Di perfectly fits this definition. I have had the privilege of working with Di for many years and promoting her to the role of manager, is a well-deserved recognition of her unwavering commitment and the respect she commands from both our team and customers."

One of the key factors that contribute to Forsyths' success in the Coonabarabran community is their deep integration within the local fabric. Di's connection to the community, coupled with her leadership of a highly effective team, strengthens relationships with local clients.

Di  remarks “The Coona team are effective because we too, are part of the community. Our customers are just like us, farmers, business owners, parents, friends, and people we say G’day to at the footy or soccer or school pickup or at field days."

Di's thirst for personal and professional growth led her to undertake the Stronger Smarter leadership course, which focuses on Higher Expectation Relationships. This Aboriginal-focused leadership course has particularly resonated with Di, as it aligns with her own Aboriginality. It has equipped her with the tools to set higher expectations for herself and others, fostering effective teamwork and collaboration.

Di's story serves as an inspiration to those seeking career growth opportunities in Regional areas. It emphasises the significance of training, dedication, and a strong sense of community.

Forsyths continues to provide an environment where individuals can thrive, making a positive impact on regional communities and the clients they serve.


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