SMSF Connect Portal

SMSF Connect Portal

To help support you to make informed decisions regarding your SMSF, we are pleased to provide you access to our new SMSF Education Resource on our website. This resource is brought to you by the SMSF Association, the peak professional body representing the SMSF sector. This resource provides:

  • Updates on the latest SMSF + Super News.
  • SMSF compliance information including topics such as set up, contributions and rollovers, investment education, and more.
  • Investing information including information on diversification, portfolio construction, and key asset classes.

How to access the resource.

  1. Follow this link to visit the portal
  2. You'll be required to provide basic contact details to create an account that you can use to access the portal.

We hope you find this a valuable resource to complement our advice services.
Should you have any questions about the material, or wish to make an appointment, please contact us at 1300 447 007 or speak to your Accountant or Financial Advisor directly.

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Latest SMSF News
Receive My  Latest SMSF News