New Xero Support Specialist

New Xero Support Specialist

Published November 26, 2019

In response to the growing number of clients moving to cloud based accounting we’re excited to announce that Forsyths will soon employ a Xero Support Specialist within our growing team.

This team member will be available to work with clients helping to set up their cloud based accounting, assist with staff training and help provide information about useful add-ons.

90 percent of the Forsyths accounting team are Xero certified – this means they’re using cloud based accounting every day and are working with clients to pass on the benefits to their personal finance and business.

Andrew Freebairn, Forsyths Principal said, he’s excited to have a specialist coming on board who will help clients make the transition.

‘The change to Xero is exciting as a business tool or for individual accounting, but like everything the change can be daunting.

‘There are also so many tips and hints that can we can give to clients to help make the transition process smooth and maximise its benefits,’ he said.

‘This team member will work with our clients on any assistance they might need getting their office set up or training their staff to use the Xero,’ Andrew said.

Our new Xero Support Specialist will be available for consultations from early next year.