Published November 7, 2019

Forsyths has been announced as the winners of the Outstanding Employer of Choice Category in the second round of the Regional Business Awards that took place in Tamworth late in October.

The news means that Forsyths will now be represented at the State Awards to be held in Sydney in November. These Awards include businesses from metropolitan and regional NSW.

The recognition is in response to the new and unique Flexible Working Hours Policy and the Sporting Re-imbursement Policy implemented at Forsyths earlier this year.

Forsyths Principal, Andrew Kirk said that there has been a very conscious decision to develop Forsyths as an organisation that advocates a balanced lifestyle for its team.

‘Our full-time staff have the choice to work the hours they choose between 7am and 7pm. It means they have more time with their families, sharing family pick-ups and drop-offs, more time for exercise, study and the opportunity to enjoy their hobbies.

“It’s been extraordinarily successful. Our team are highly productive, have more time for their interests and are focussed at work.

‘These policies were fairly outlandish for a firm of accountants, financial planners and auditors – but they’ve worked for our team and it’s very rewarding,’ said Andrew.

Congratulations to the team for the outstanding achievement and thank you to those team members who represented our firm with such dazzle at the Awards.