A Frantic Morning for one Forsyths Team Member

A Frantic Morning for one Forsyths Team Member

Published Aug 21, 2019

One of our team arrived at work this morning feeling somewhat frazzled.

Her five year old had woken with a frightful realisation she had left her stuffed sloth (her best cuddling friend) in the playground at yesterday at come and try day at school.

Taking the situation into careful planning and consideration our team member and mother of two sprang into action. She speedily threw on a nearby pair of jeans, walked to school, checked the playground for lingering stuffed sloths and located it sleeping peacefully on a small bench.

Mum returned home in time to stop the avalanche of tears.

After throwing down a piece of toast and slapping on her work attire she gathered Miss Five and Miss Seven under her wing. Then, laptop in hand, school bags in the other - along with the medium sized dog on a lead (because Miss Seven likes Trevor coming to drop-off), Mum, wife and Forsyths team member made her way to school for the second time that morning.

On route however Trevor decided to take a vigorous right hand turn. Following a serious point of interest, Trevor broke free taking his lead with him and careening towards a busy peak-hour round-about.

Miss Five and Seven held their breath as cars braked to avoid Trevor. A kind bystander stepped from the footpath to lend a hand to restrain the run-away while Mum gallantly held traffic at bay while gaining control of the straying animal.

All was well again. Miss Five and Seven were dropped at school. Trevor was returned to the safety of the backyard and the multi-tasking master made her way to the Forsyths Office.

Life even in the beautiful New England North West can be frantic at times. But planning for our future is important. Come and meet our team for an initial meeting on us.

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