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News Stories

Switching Home Loans

With interest rates increasing quite rapidly, homeowners are being encouraged to look around for a better deal on their home loan. ASIC has recently released some tips if you are doing so.

GST Health Check

Now that the financial year has come to a close, it’s good time to check all things GST.

YourSuper Comparison Tool

Are you ready to take control and compare your superannuation fund’s performance against other funds? You might be in luck if you have a MySuper fund as the ATO’s YourSuper comparison tool can help you compare different MySuper products and choose a superannuation fund that meets your needs.

Wash Sale Arrangements Under Scrutiny

The ATO is warning taxpayers not to engage in ‘asset wash sales’ to artificially increase their losses in order to reduce capital gains or expected gains. It cautions that they are a form of tax avoidance.

COVID-19 Relief for SMSF Trustees Now at an End

The ATO has reminded SMSF trustees that the COVID-19 relief and support offered to SMSFs ended on 30 June 2022.

ATO Focus On Rental Property Income And Deductions

Income and tax deductions from rental properties is one of the four key areas that the ATO is focusing on this Tax Time. The ATO is urging rental property owners to ensure they carefully review their records before declaring income or claiming deductions this Tax Time, and for registered tax agents such as us to ask a few extra questions of our clients who own rental properties.

Sowing Seeds for Success

I’ll start off by tipping my hat to our NSW Central West Local Land Services podcast ‘Seeds for Success’ which is a fantastic podcast series based in our Coonabaraban area. This series interviews locals who are having a go and worth a listen if you are hitting the road for a long trip or sitting on the tractor for a while and want to hear how others are implementing effective plans and growing successful businesses in our region.

Accessing Your Super Early

The key purpose of superannuation is to provide individuals with benefits for their retirement, which is when most people will access their superannuation savings. But, in some cases, individuals may be able to access some of their superannuation early upon meeting certain eligibility rules.