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Changes to Xero's business and partner edition pricing will commence from 23 September 2021. The cost of Xero Standard and Premium plans will increase in Australia (the price for Starter will remain the same). 

When do employee gifts and celebrations attract fringe benefits tax (FBT)? And when are they exempt?
Christmas is traditionally a time of giving – including employers showing gratitude towards staff for a job well done. However, Christmas parties and gifts can attract the attention of the Taxman.

There has been an increase in the number of SMSFs entering into arrangements where real property is purchased and developed to subsequently be sold or rented out. Such investments can help the fund build up its wealth more quickly than other forms, and from a tax standpoint, any rent or eventual capital gain may enjoy concessional tax treatment.

There will most likely come a time when your SMSF will need to be wound up, with a change in members, the fund’s finances, perhaps separation or other family causes among the many reasons why winding up the fund becomes necessary.

Most people who earn income as employees have tax payments made on their behalf throughout the year through pay-as-you-go (PAYG) withholding to help them meet their annual tax obligations. But this withholding of amounts can sometimes miss the mark.