Audit, Assurance and Consulting

‘We partner with businesses like yours to intercept risk and map a clear path to growth’ Geoff Allen, Audit Principal'

Forsyths has one of the largest audit teams based in regional NSW. We offer a full suite of audit, assurance and consulting services to help your business thrive. We’re not your typical auditors. Here is what makes us different:

We’re relationship driven

We love systems, efficiency and automation, but we value people the most – our clients and our team.

Our processes are based upon open and ongoing communication.

Based upon our detailed investigations, we provide you with thorough and considered advice and reports.

No one likes nasty surprises. We keep you in the know about any obstacles we uncover along the way and talk you through ways to resolve them.

The complexities around compliance and operational needs are huge. Our Audit team work with you to clear the complexities and build a roadmap to improve your business processes and success. 

We work in-house or remotely – or both. We can provide workshops to help your key personnel understand risks and issues to be managed. This allows your team to be part of the process in moving your business forward.

We are Local

We have a strong understanding of the key issues facing businesses outside of metropolitan areas - because we live here and we’re part of them every day.

Our audit, assurance and consulting team is based in regional NSW and we have a strong community focus.

We Innovate

We know that success and prosperity into the future depends on embracing technology and outside the box thinking. Our team work to shed light on your current operations to illuminate risks and opportunity.


We utilise state-of-the-art technology and software to ensure our engagements are seamless. We have the ability to analyse data efficiently identifying control breakdowns, profitability trends, and risk.

Our data analytic tools are able to assess the smallest detail and can provide us and you with exceptional insights relating to:

Forward thinking

We are passionate about emerging concepts and business practices. Our team is constantly developing their skills with new techniques and evolving services, making Forsyths the leader in assurance, audit and consulting services in regional NSW. Our team is a breadth of experience in internal audit, consulting, external audit, risk management and special assurance projects.

We also possess an extensive amount of data obtained from our past assignments and extensive industry experience. We utilise this data to benchmark your results and processes which enables us to provide you with relevant, timely and meaningful insights. 

"The team at Forsyths worked closely with MidCoast Water in reviewing financial systems and internal controls to improve our risk profile and business processes.
The Forsyths team communicate recommendations to all levels of our organisation in a clear, straight forward and professional manner.
Our relationship with Forsyths has developed through mutual trust and respect, and we believe the high professional standards they display align closely with MidCoast Water's core values. I would have no hesitation in recommending Forsyths to any firm seeking professional, quality audit services."

Robert Loadsman - General Manager, MidCoast Water